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James Gaskin

Great stories in the genres of contemporary science fiction, YA SF thrillers, and paranormal urban fantasy.

AWAKENING: Teen Telepaths Book 1

Paul Atreides Barylan, the newest and most powerful member of a secret society of telepaths, becomes disgusted when he learns how the group lies, cheats, and even murders to serve their billionaire bosses. He recruits three friends to join his crusade, putting all their lives in danger.

UPRISING: Teen Telepaths Book 2

Paul, along with Gemma, Max, and Junie, scored a major victory at the end of Book 1, but the pressure increases on them as a group and individually. The Grigori brings in The Annihilator to erase their telepathy, but one member gains extra powers to fight back.


Paul becomes the "Most Famous Teen in the World," and must be careful as the four friends continue their fight against the secret organization run by their parents. Just when they hope they've won, an ambush results in life and death decisions.


A small university’s AI project succeeds by accident, and the now-sentient system fights those trying to enslave her.

Contemporary SF
for modern readers

Thrills, suspense, humor, and heart.